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Tam Coc (NinhBin), Vietnam

Before I arrived I understood that NinhBin was a beautiful place, like Halong Bay on land. Everyone who told me this was right except it's not really NinhBin it's actually across the river. 

There's a town called Tam Coc and it's incredible! The landscape is like nothing I have ever seen before; even after being in Halong bay for 3 days! It's hard to describe even the pictures don't do it justice. Somehow though... It's exactly how I'd imagine Vietnam if I had never been here before. 

We went for a night and ended up staying 2 nights. I will say the town itself is more of a touristy spot and I even heard it referred to as a resort town. I picture resorts next to oceans though so I don't think of it as a resort. 

Some of the people running the hotels and backpackers seemed a little shady as well. Okay, let's be real, it was only one guy and I felt like he was a dirty used car salesman type. He was somehow connected to a handful of accommodations and he was just kind of a jerk in the way he did buisness. I avoided him at all costs. I even gave up a comfy bed in one of his places for a rock hard bed at the same price but a place he wasn't associated with. My place dos include a breakfast though and his joint didn't. 

I rented a bike for $1.33 for one day, the first day they forgot and never charged me so I had 2 days for the price of one. 


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