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Hue, Vietnam

The first major move I made after arriving to the city of Hue was...
Star Wars! It had to be done. I kinda scored too! I was able to see it in Vietnam for only $2 and a near empty theater! I know back home friends and family are still trying to get tickets for it. 

Dee and I after the movie. 

So back to the same topic as in my last transportation post, the way of the Asian culture. I know to some point I should just learn to deal with it but at the same time I can't just stand back and watch. Clearly Dee can't either. 

After the movie was over her and I were in line in the bathroom and it was Dee's turn to go into a stall and out of nowhere comes this Vietnamese lady and steps right in front of Dee and into the stall! So what does She do, walks right in after her and kindly puts her hand on the young ladies shoulder. She tells her there is a line and re directs her back out of the stall. 

It was kind of priceless, I must say! The girl didn't know how to react but she awkwardly went straight to the sink, washed A hand and then just stood there. When it was my turn I made eye contact with her and then slipped into the next open stall. She was still standing there awkwardly when I came out. It's so bazaar how the Asian culture just doesn't do lines and they don't care about personal space either. 

There's a store that James and Dee are familiar with in Hue. Apparently it's an Asian chain called, Big C. We went in after the movie to look for some snacks for our bus rides around the country. I really just want to tell you crazy and wasteful this store is! 

I walked in and passed thru security posts and a guard. They were stopping EVERYONE with a backpack, bag even a purse. They didn't check it they made you put it into a clear plastic bag and then they heat sealed the bag! So my money was in my backpack and I told them that but they didn't care. In fact when I went to checkout, before I even was in line I pulled my backpack out of the bag to get my wallet. No one stopped me or seemed to care. I mean how weird is that security system!? 

My bag in a bag! Do you know how awkward it is to walk around a store with this in your hands while trying to hold items you want to buy!? Makes me really appreciate the straps on my pack and all the other times I get to use them!

We tried to find the lady in a street market that Anthony Bordain says makes the best Bun Bo Hue (a soup that originated in the Hue area of Vietnam). For those who don't know who A.Bordain is, he's a world food critic and traveler. I don't watch tv, but there are a few shows, his being one that just suck me in. And I'm happy to be sucked in! Food and travel, yes please! 

We had no luck finding the lady but we bought a bowl a day later from a restaurant and it didn't disappoint! 

We walked the imperial city which is a historic city and mostly destroyed during the Vietnam war and the Tet offensive. The U.S. military was forced to go door to door within the city walls, destroying the place. From what I understand the numbers of our fallen soldiers were increasing so much that if we didn't do that we would have lost many more. 
Feel free to comment and correct me if I'm wrong. My history is a bit rusty. 

Entering the imperial city through one of its many gates. People still live inside and there is a forbidden city that you can not get in, inside the imperial city. The emperor's family are the only ones inside.

Another gate to enter through. 
Looking at the imperial palace.

A colorful detail shot of some of the architecture.

More gates within gates.

A photo of the damage from the war and the same building as its been re built since. 

Beautiful Asian architecture inside the walls
 Cannons and a gold dragon. 

A detail of the artistic roofing detail. Reminds me of stacks of coins. 

We walked to the tallest pagoda/
religious building in all of Vietnam, from the imperial city. That was about an 11k day tour we did all on foot. 

Taken from the street with the perfume River behind me. 

Tallest pagoda in Vietnam. 

The perfume River. 

A statue with real human hair, behind the pagoda. 

Shrimp dumplings on friend pork chips that you dip into a warm sweet sauce.

I went to dinner one night with a girl from the homestay I was sleeping at. She was also from the states. We had shrimp dumplings that were tasty! We went across the street to another lil restaurant and I the bun bo hue soup again. It was good but wasn't nearly as good as what Dee had.

The last night I was in Hue I treated myself to a restaurant that was recommended to me. It was a local place with a normal menu but there was also a set menu. The set menu was what was recommended to me and yeah, it was killer! SO GOOD! I felt like a pig by myself with all this food in front of me but after I started eating it, I didn't care anymore. I also ordered a fresh ginger tea because my throat was starting to feel like a cold was coming on. Best ginger tea ever! 

The set menu meal plus a fresh ginger tea I ordered. 

Hanh. So Good! 

The Hue Happy Homestay was my accommodations for 3 nights and it was great! Good breakfast, a fresh towel to shower with everyday, very helpful (almost to helpful) English speaking Vietnamese owners and it's not a party hostel. I'd recommend this place again. 

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