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Art Portfolio

Artist Statement

I have spent a lot of time in Hawaii and I consider it a second home to Oregon.  I love absorbing the vibrant colors and beauty the islands have to offer, which has been a tremendous influence on my artistic career.  In Hawaii I have learned to see things, the way an artist sees things, really soaking in the beauty of my surroundings and paying attention to the small details of the environment.

I work in a variety of different mediums but it’s painting that I enjoy the most.  The bright colors and freedom I feel in painting enables me to represent the colorful imagery toward which I gravitate.

The environment within each of my paintings has vibrant color that is meant to be uplifting.  I enjoy interpreting my ideas and memories, but want viewers to find ideas and inspiration of their own, drafting off something that has personal meaning to me.

Most art below is for sale. Price options for both framed or unframed available. Simply click on a piece for size and cost. Prints are also available for most work. If you do not see the pricing option you are interested in please contact me and I will happily assist you! I also have plenty of pieces not not featured on my website. Incase you don't see what you are looking for.

Abstract: Plaster & Acrylic Paintings on Panel


Plaster & Acrylic Paintings on Panel


Mixed Media




Acrylic & Oil