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Traviling Around With A South American Expat

Elizabeth (Sam's old roommate and our friend) had a few days off from her job as an architect designer so she hung around with me. She stayed at Sam's house one night and after we woke up and had a homemade South American breakfast (bursting with flavor! I forgot to take a photo) we took a walk towards the bay. It was officially public transportation day!

Walking out on the dock for public transportation, just down the dock from Sam's. 

From Sam's house, the walk to the river ferry is only about 15 minutes away. I had no idea this was here OR that there were bull sharks in this river! Elizabeth was full of informative tips! She told me that 
rowing teams are taking their sport into an extreme sport category by simply adding bull sharks! LOL! Agreed! 

The ferry we took approaching our dock.

Queuing up to board the ferry. 
Getting in line is "queuing up"

We caught the ferry and took it all the way to circular quay, passing the new casino that was being built last time I was here and a new park in front of it. The opera house and the harbor bridge were also in our passing. 

The harbor bridge. 

I was (often I'm this way) more interested in watching all the foreigners on board going crazy over getting the perfect photos then I was taking my own photos of these landmarks. Well that and I already have these photos from last time I was here and not much has changed except the park and casino. 

The tourists! 

Those 2 towering buildings are the new casino. 

We arrived to circular quay and went in search of a pre paid bus pass for me and then a walk thru the botanical garden. A walk I had done with 3 others just about a year and a half ago. 

Circular quay.

Getting off the ferry I noticed another pair of odd sandals... Are these doc Martin boot sandals!? 

My mad photo skills shinning thru again! 

We got my bus pass, walked past the opera house and then into the botanical garden, still walking along the foot path bordering the water. I found an area full of cockatoos and I was reminded that they are a wild bird here. The beautiful birds I see flying around always catch me off guard and they are so pretty to listen to as well. 

Just a few of the many I saw. 

Not sure why this one was tagged but he let me get really close to him. 

We passed a man (Michael Braden) painting on the corner of the street. Plein air painting. 

2 famous attractions in 1! 

The artist I stopped and talked to. 

Eventually we ended up in another area I recognized. A famous meat pie spot. We weren't starving but I offered to buy Elizabeth a pie for all she had done with me so far. 

Harry's cafe de wheels.

Good quality! 

Delicious pie! 

The industry workers enjoying some lunch. Photo credit to Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth and I strolled thru the park to meet Sam at the other end for a ride. 

You can't see them that well but all these people in the park (on a weekday) are all working out in the middle of the day. Makes you wonder what they do for work in a country that's generally expensive to live in. 

While waiting for Sam we (as in Elizabeth) snapped a photo of this sharp dressed man. We tried to be sneaky but I'm certain he's looking right at the camera. 

On another outing on another day... I ventured to Oxford st. the gay district, with Sam and Elizabeth. I had only been driven thru this area in the past so I was up for a walking tour. 

Oxford st. 

The walk was just your average walk thru the city except there was just a few more rainbows then normal. Nothing more to really write home about but it was a nice walk and I even found some fun street art.


Street art. 

And lunch at Mr. Crackles where I again failed you on a picture of my food. 

We went to the Apple Store at a mall on the out skirts of Sydney - apparently they don't call them malls here. They are reffered to as, the shops. The Apple Store here is a disaster! Seriously! These people need to learn customer service and how to wear a smile on their face better. If Apple was like this back home I'd switch to a different phone and computer in a heart beat! I walked in there, asked a question or two and right away I got a look of panic and the associate saying, I'm in sales. I don't know how to help you with that. You should wait 2 hours to speak with someone at the Genius Bar, it'll only take 10 minutes once you are there. 

That's the basic idea of my experience with them. Where as back home in Oregon when I go into the Apple Store I want to stay all day and "nerd out" with them! Everyone's so upbeat and fun! 

An interesting fact I learned while driving thru the city is that there's a gym called Hard candy fitness by Madonna and yes, its owned by Madonna. This is the first I've ever heard of the gym. 

To start my first full week off Sam made sure that he got me back into the gym. So at the end of Monday and Tuesday we made a point to be at his gym. It's one of those things that makes us happy. 

The gym! It's a place I'd definitely join if I lived here. Great community of people and good equipment. 

I found out Sam hates the sled so not only did I talk him into doing it, I got in on it as well! 

Alex and I. Another new friend I made. Her husband is friends with Sam thru the gym. 

In general I was starting to get a bit nervous. I'm not talking about the gym but about how few of days I had left before I switched gears and my entire life  would be drastically changing for a month! I would no longer be a backpacker in another country but working in another country.

I tried not to think about it much but sometimes I just couldn't help it. It's the main reason I came back to oz though.working for awhile in another place like this was going to be interesting. 
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