World Travels by Casey

The NOT so highlights

"The Castle", the hostel in Nelson where the owner played games with us and gave us a real bad vibe. 

Trying to figure out how to deal with different travel partners personalities. I often felt like I wasn't coming across to them they I meant to. I'd joke and then feel like they took offense to what I said. I tend to have a very sarcastic personality. Not knowing either of them for very long before traveling together leaves a lot of unknowns. I did well with both of them and we are all still friends, just decided to split ways. I prefer being alone now that I've experienced both ways. It's nice not waiting on others and being able to do what you want to do, when you want to. 

Home sickness. 
That's a hard one. I suppose I could say, stay focused on your trip and know that you'll see them all again soon. For me I have my family, friends and the beautiful Oregon summer tugging on my sleeves. And then here in Asia it's the hottest season and I know I could go home and return to finish during my winter. 

A lot of time walking around with a pack on in warmer temperatures and not knowing where I was staying for the night was stressful when with a travel mate. I wouldn't necessarily do that different though. If I had committed to something I wouldn't be available for anything that may have unexpectedly come up. I would have however, packed a little lighter. 

Realizing that on a long adventure such as this I need to have some things of purpose. General traveling is good but I need to have things that book up some of my time and immerse me in the culture at the sane time. Such as teaching English or volunteering time for something else. 

Seeing horrible things in different countries such as animal cruelty, no respect for the disabled to any degree, pollution and littering. Burned up cars on the side of the road in Bangkok as a result of protests. 

Being a passenger in the car of a drunk driver. Not having any control of the situation and just hoping no one would be hurt. 

Finally a chance to go to Dubai, much like my quick trip to Singapore. Unfortunately it was an 8 hour layover and don't get me wrong, I could have made something of that BUT it was from 1am to 9am! 
Dubai is cool but it's not vegas, staying open 24hrs a day. 
Dang it! Oh well, I explored the airport and slept a few hours in a corner on the floor. 
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