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I'll let you in on a secret.

have a task for my readers. I'm curious who is and has been reading my blog. I'd love it if you'd each email me at 
and just write something short like, "I'm a reader of the blog" and then sign your name. 

I've been curious about who my readers are for a long time. 
I think I know who a handful of you are but send me that email anyways. 

*Mr. Douglas you are off the hook since you email me often regarding the blog. There's a reason you were my favorite high school teacher! :)

And now I'll let you all in on a little secret... 
Oregon got the better of me and this happened today:

Oregonians know this carpet well. 
The Pdx airport.

I flew for right around 34 hours from Bangkok to Dubai to Seattle to Oregon. An incredibly longer journey then it should be with 6 hour + layovers at each location. But $54 for the ticket home, I dealt with it. Air miles are a truly wonderful thing to have when ticket prices are a little high. 

Stairs INSIDE my airplane!? That's fancy!

I wasn't due home until sometime around August 1st but I realized I was running out of deodorant and toothpaste...

Haha! No!
I didn't want to miss oregon's summer, I missed my family and friends and a few other reasons.

I didn't complete the end of my trip: Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam but I will go back to finish it without a doubt. It will probably be a shorter trip then this was as I don't need 4 months for that area. I'll also listen this time to those wise souls who told me when the best time is to travel SE Asia. Ill return in the nov. - feb. time frame. 

I only told a few people I was coming home. My sister was the only one in my family who knew and she didn't find out tell 2 weeks before my arrival. I wanted to  surprise her kids that I was home. Jack and lilah had been asking for me almost everyday. So Nikki randomly brought them to the airport tonight and they played on the playground near my gate. They had no idea why they were there. Then I walked up on them. They were so caught off guard they didn't know how to react. Lilah wanted a big hug and yelled my name as she came down the slide. Jack ran to me for a hug as well and the backed off, standing back he just looked at me with a big smile and I watched as his cheeks turned red. He asked when I was leaving again. I told him I'd hang around for a bit. 

2 close friends made an appearance at salt & straw tonight as they knew it was going to be my first stop when returning home. It was great to see them and share big hugs! 

My dad was suprised to see me, he looked at me for a minute before realizing what was going on and jumped a little. 

I'll be randomly stopping in at my tutu's (grandma's) house tomorrow morning. 
I love good suprises! 

Jack and I.

Lilah wouldn't let me put her down. 

Good bye... For now. 
The travels will continue and this blog will be added to. 
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