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Kona, Hawaii on my 34th birthday

I arrived! My last Hawaiian stop before I head back to Oregon, my home state which I haven't seen since last August! 

I wasn't sure when I landed on the big island, when I'd be leaving. That would depend on Donkey Mill Art center in Holualoa, above Kona. I have an interest in teaching a few classes there, expanding my artist resume. 

I did know that this visit to the Big Island would be different, no matter how long it was. I wanted to make friends, explore more and find some work. As much as I travel I am still definitely a workaholic! 

A cool vintage poster of Big Island, HI.

The first few days were pretty relaxed. Hanging out with cousins and my auntie. 

Kaninau and Keali'i (2 of my cousins) with their pound dog Kani.

I called up the only friend I had on the island, Jesse and let him know I was back. That phone call meant an impromptu, immediate hike thru lava caves on private property. Only I didn't know that lava tubes were involved. All I heard was want to go for a hike up Kaloko Rd.? My response was of course, yes! And as its Hawaii, sunny and warm, I emptied my backpack ridding it of a sweatshirt and headlamp. 2 things I really could have used. 

Do you see me, way back there with my hands up in a blue tank top!?

So I arrived at Jesse's and we drove up the hill to his friends property. This friend has 30 miles of lava tubes running thru his property! Jesse is kind of an adventure professional so I trusted him as we parked and walked thru brush to the opening of a tube. I'll admit I was still a little nervous! 

It was pitch dark back in there but for the sake of this photo we shined a flashlight at the cave wall. The headlamp I was wearing helped to brighten the photo as well. The icycle looking things above my head is rock. I'm sure it was dripping at one point, burning hot from the lava flow that came thru and then left it in this form. 

We walked thru the cave until we came to an opening. We could have continued on thru it but we decided the trek we had just accomplished was good for the day. 

Then we just needed to figure out where we were and get back to the truck. Like I said, it's a good thing Jesse is a professional. 

He showed me this fruit as we walked back. I of course don't remember the name of it now but it grew from a vine and wasn't to bad, a little tart. 

The majority of the good beaches on the BI are not easily seen from the road. Sometimes it takes a curious soul and the desire to just drive down any promising road towards the ocean. 

A lava rock beach I explored near some resorts.

An eel 

Does this (dried up) fish resemble a unicorn fish!? I think so! You know a unicorn fish exists if narwhals do. 

Jesse invited me out on his friend Chris's charter zodiac boat. It was on my birthday and I had planned to spend it on the beach. This was way better! 

Chris (our captain) making art from palm leaves as we cruise to another area. 

The finished piece. 

My friend Jesse (in the big hat) holding his daughter June. To his right is the fabulous Zoe (pronounced Zo). I met her on this day and shortly she became my best friend on the Big Island. 

We definitely did not have a shortage of dolphins on this outing. There were thousands of them and we got to jump in, snorkel and swim with them as we pleased.

As we headed back in Chris drove us to this really cool rock opening or bridge. Depending on how you look at it. 

A close up. We didn't drive back into it because there wasn't much space pass the opening. But still a great sight and photo opp. 

Just before my birthday I found CF Kona and signed up for a temporary membership with them. One of the things that instantly connected Zoe and I was the CrossFit (CF) related hat she was wearing on the boat. I asked her if she took CF classes and where, her response was CF Kona. Yeah! She also just happens to live a few house away from my cousins house, where I was staying. 

Zoe and I after another great workout! 

Soon we were carpooling and I was going to the same evening class as her. Basically this rad lady is me, when I grow up a little bit more. She’s my more mature version but still equiped with an adventurous soul. As my days went on I realized this more and more! It's kind of cool to see what I'm going to turn out like! 

Wink wink! 

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