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Helicopter tour & Pololu valley

I’m going to give you a lot of photos and a lot less chit chat in this post, mostly because I’m giving you a lot of photos I took from a helicopter tour of the Island and they don’t need a lot description, just enjoy the beauty.

While Dave, Zoe’s brother was still in town we had a proper beach day and went down towards the resorts to do so.

*Zoe and her family are very important people to me. I have a handful of people who fill my travel cup to the point of overflow. Zoe is one of those people which is why including her in my stories when I can is a must.

I can’t remember the name of this beach, a little over crowded with tourists but it had a snack shack, showers and not to long of a hike down to get to the sand from the parking lot. And yeah, did you catch that? I said a parking lot and not parked on the side of the road.

I have never really been into drinking alcohol. I have multiple reasons for this but I have always been into milkshakes and this pineapple whip of a milkshake sold at the Kohala Burger and Taco joint in Waimea, Hi. is amazing! Give it a try if you are ever in that area. Good food too.

Me and the cousins! They are second cousins if you want to be real about it but family is family and these kids mean the world to me. We enjoyed group outings to One Aloha shaved ice. Kaninau (Kaninauli’i) is sitting up front with me, Keali’i (Keali’ikipi) right behind me and Ka’iulani, she’s the tough lil one that looks like she about to bite her fist. I’m so thankful that I am able to visit them often.

A friend of Zoe’s, Mike works in tour sales downtown Kona. He’s taken me along a few times now to “test” a few tours out so that he can sell them better. Along with a few night time manta ray snorkels was this! A flight around the island in a helicopter.

The main strip in downtown Kona and the water is where I went out on a Sup (stand up paddle board) and paddled with dolphins. 

The harbor by the airport

Captain cook, A great snorkel spot.

Mac nut farm 

Showing my Aloha spirit!

Wind turbines my forever obsession. They do good for the plant and from an artist view… they are just freakin’ rad!

Over view of the volcano.

More volcano overview.

The Big Island always seems to be burning somewhere from the power of pele’s fire.

4 whales passing thru. Watching the long enough we were able to watch them blow water thru their blow hole.

The lush jurassic park landscape of this jungle island with waterfall covered cliff sides is difficult to grow tired of.

That water, though.

Where lava meets the sea.

On one of my last days to get out and hike with Zoe before heading home to Oregon, we ventured to the Pololu valley near Kohala. It was a little bit misty but nothing a PNW native couldn’t handle.

Enjoy some valley views. Courtesy of yours truly!

A local jam session happening in town just a few miles from the trail head to the valley. I would definitely recommend exploring this valley as well as the town. It’s as hard of a hike as you’d like it to be and could even be seen as just an overlook off that is what you prefer. The town of Kohala is tiny and adorable, a must visit that also gets you out on a drive away from the normal tourist spots. Not to say that this town isn’t at all touristy. The big island really is my home away from home.

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