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Nha Trang

Nha Trang
Its become a Russian hotspot and everyone who goes, leaves complaining about how many Russians there are. 

Morning beach view.

This city beach resort was alright. It's voted the 6th nicest beach in the world but I don't see it. I'm not sure what the reasons for this rating is. It's a long beach with coarse sand and sadly, random trash washed on the shore. The trash is only at the outer edges of the beach and everything in between is groomed in the morning. 

Another beautiful beach view.

We walked around the city a bit but there really wasn't much to see so we stuck to the beaches. The sun was hot in Nha Trang but it was easy to escape into the shade when I needed a break. 

The hostel! Mojoz Dorm, this place was the best hostel so far in Vietnam. Mira and the owner, Lee especially made this place amazing but the rest of the staff was outstanding as well. They do everything right here! A welcoming bottle of water and a cool packaged wet wipe when you first arrive. I looked like a hot mess when I arrived, dripping in sweat with both my backpacks on. I appreciated that wipe more then I should have. 

Mira (in black) rubbing the head of one of the backpackers. Mira was a total sweetheart!

They have free bananas in the lobby to eat during the day, a complimentary drinking water refill station, - really good breakfast in the mornings and a selection of options to pick from. The breakfast is included in the nightly price. They have lockers in the rooms, nice bathrooms, hot showers, towels and linens provided and wifi. Oh and not that I care but free beers during happy hour on the rooftop where the breakfast is served. Lunch and dinner can be bought here as well if you don't want to go out for it. I saw a guy come in from the beach, burnt yesterday and the girls gave him fresh aloe to rub on it. I paid $4.89 a night for this hostel! 

Rooftop cafe and bar.

The view from the rooftop. Looking down the street straight at the beach.

The last night I was there I went on a food tour with a group from the hostel. It was led by Lee (the owner) and one of her girls from the other hostel. There are two Mojoz hostels. It was only $6.67 and we had 7 courses as we walked the streets together.  

The food tour group outing made me a bit sad to be leaving Nha Trang so soon. I would have been happy just hanging out at the hostel and the beach through New Years. 

After the food tour we went back to the hostel. I was hanging out in the lobby area when Mira put on her helmet and asked me if I wanted to go with her to pick up fried bananas. The owner, Lee had bought them earlier in the day for her staff and they let me try one. When I told them I liked them they said they'd buy me some later. Problem was, now it was later and I was stuffed! But they insisted no matter how many times I told them I couldn't eat any more. 

Mira and I went out on the scooter and into the city in search of these things and just that was totally worth it! Another fun outing as the passenger of a Vietnamese driven scooter! 

Crossing a bridge into the city next to Nha Trang. Still looking for the friend bananas! 

Found them! A tasty little treat. I took them back and shared them with the entire hostel so I wouldn't feel obligated to eat them all. I seriously would have! They were delicious! 

We were originally going to DaLat but the town is pretty booked up and many places raised their prices. It's New Years but also a flower festival is going on which is supposed to be a big deal there. So we decided to go to Mui Ne instead for New Years. It's another beach town further south. I'll have to visit DaLat next time I'm in Vietnam because I've heard great things about it!
All the streets are lit up and decorated for New Years. It, like Christmas isn't a big holiday here in Vietnam but they make it big because of the tourists. I'm sure they make a lot of money during our holidays.

January 2nd we'll arrive in Saigon for about 3 nights. James and Dee will stay in Vietnam longer then I will as my visa is almost up. So I'll be heading to Cambodia alone in about 7 days! Eeekkk!! 
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