World Travels by Casey

Some important info. Changes coming soon.

Man!!! Wholey Moley!! Thank you to the handful of friends and a family member or 2 who have been letting me vent to them about all the craziness in holiday flight priceses and just booking a ticket. As well as the desire to often just want to come home and spend time with my amazing friends and family! I totally miss them and after a portion of my time in Australia partially sucking the travel vibe out of me, close friends and family brings me a lot of comfort. I called my grandma today and later had a long conversation over the FB Messanger/phone app with a good friend from college. Both these conversations worked wonders for me. 

The desk in my room that I took over and made my travel research center! At least I had a pleasant view while I was stressing out. 

I've had a lot of requests for travel info lately and many people also telling me that I should set something up on my site where for a small fee I'll help answer travel questions. Not a bad idea because even a small income when I'm traviling is nice  and better then nothing. So this may be something you see in the near future from me. Oh and while I'm on the topic... I'm currently in the process to switching from this blogger site to a new blog site with wordpress it's almost fully set up, I just need to learn how to manage it a little bit better before I make the posts public. 
It will include all of my posts from 2013 and all of these new ones from 2015. It looks so good and way more put together! I'm pretty excited about it!
It'll still be the same domain name but now it will be worldtravelsbycasey.wordpress.com 
I plan to leave the blogger site up for a bit until I'm comfortable enough with Wordpress and I can let go of my old ways. 

So let me know what you think as we make the transition from Blogger to Wordpress, together! 
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