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Workouts while I travel

Because many people know how much I enjoy going to the gym I often get asked what I do for workouts when I'm traviling. The answer is this: I try to find a gym or a Crossfit box that I can drop in at as often as I can. I enjoy running stairs and hiking so those are other options I look for otherwise I out my own workouts together based on how much time I have and the equipment I have access to. 

I'll continue to add to this post as I do different workouts on my own but here's what I've been up to lately: 

- tricep dips off a short (coffee) table
3 of the rounds I held myself in plank position for a rest but you know that's never really a rest. 
- air squats, 4 of the rounds I did standing lunges for a type of rest
- bridges single leg 2 sets on each leg of 15 reps

Repeat 3x 
Jump rope through a full song 
30 push ups 
50 air squats 
30 walking lunges 
20 jump squats 
30 walking wide squats 
50 glute kickbacks 

This is a walking wide lunge. For the position you see me in I then do a pivot on one toe facing myself in the other direction. I do this all the way down and back if I haven't reached my number. 

- On the tennis court at the Beecroft home. Photo taken by Oliver (age 5).

-Run the full block down and back
-Split stance standing lunge pulses 50 p/leg
-Hold plank on elbows 100 sec - 
stay tight!!!
-Then go up to your wrists and do 30 total slow mountain climber style kick ins towards your chest to work more abs 
-50 bicycle abs /rest/ 50 more 

Adain and I holding plank. You can also do this on your elbows instead of wrists, as a modifier. And if you absolutely, really can't be on your toes then AND only then move to your knees. 

Run to park
30 burpees
30 push ups
50 bicycles
Walk a block and run the rest of the way home
30 air squats

20 push-ups 
40 slow/opposite leg-arm mountain climber abs
15 to 20 tricep dips 
30 burpees
20 squat jumps
20 each leg standing touch opposite toe
30 skaters 
Stretch run home
50 bicycles
Hold plank 2min
50 bicycles 

Jump rope thru a full song without messing up (as much as you can help it). If you need variation add in double unders and/or jumping on one foot (ball of your foot) at a time to isolate your calves better. 
60 (total) donkey kicks
50 squats
40 sit ups 
30 push-ups
20 supermans
10 v-ups

Abs only workout:
50 Slow mountain climbers (reverse arm/leg)
Plank for 2 minutes
50 bicycles 
50 slow mountain climbers (reverse arm/leg)
50 flutter kicks
50 bicycles 

Workouts at the YMCA

25 minutes:
6 burpees
8 tricep extension overhead
10 push ups
12 squat jumps 
14 shoulder presses
16 mountain climbers
2 sprints across the basketball court

W/a partner:
Jog 5 laps
partner 1 does a wall sit
Partner 2 does 6 push ups/ sit ups/ air squats and SWITCH

Partner 1 holds plank 
Partner 2 runs down and back
Repeat adding one more down and back run each time until both partners reach 10 runs 

Start with 3 & add 3 more each time:
Sit ups
Jumping Side (wide) squats 
Run 1 lap & repeat 

Battle ropes - partner does 12 push-ups
TRX rows - partner 30 Mt climbers 
Leg press - partner 50 skaters 
Squated cardio (elliptical or octane machine) - partner 12 medball slams
Plank hold - 12 DB shoulder press
Bench hop overs - partner 12 bench dips
Box jumps - partner 12 chin ups 
Hold plank for 2 min - 1 push up ever 10 sec

This guy was trying to race me on the rower. I could sence it! 
It made me work harder though! 

3rds 1 min each rest 10 sec in between each 
Speed cycle or row
TRX squat jumps
Ball slams
Mountain climbers
Jump rope
Bosu ball push ups (feet on or hands on ball)
1 min rest before next round starts 

warm up: 5x
5 push ups, 5 squats, 5 burpees

8 min: 
2 med ball slams
2 thrusters
2 T (wide arms and legs) push ups 
2 sit ups
500m row for time! 

3x 1 min plank & 1 min flute bridge
3x 30 sec V sit holds & 5 sit ups

Tabata: 45 sec on 15 sec rest 
3 rounds:
Split squat jump 
Push ups
Mountain climbers
Box jumps 

30 sec on 15 sec rest
Cardio (Octane or elliptical) squat run
Squat jumps
Standing lunge 

Burpees 10
Forward/ back lunges 10
Jumping jacks 
Push ups 
Extended crunch
Jumping Side squats 
Shuttle runs - down and back 


For 2 weeks now I am trying out F45 fitness while I'm staying at Sam's house. 
It's an Australian born version of Crossfit in my opinion but it's less Olympic weights and reps and it's more about circuits and tabata style workouts. I'll be finishing my first week of it tomorrow and so far I like it! It's not Crossfit but that's the closest thing I can compare it to. 

There's more to the gym from behind where I'm standing but this is an idea of the set up. 

On Saturdays they name the workout "Hollywood" and it's complete with a DJ!

There's 4 of these screens spread out around the gym to remind you what station you are going to next and what you will be doing. Usually only 3 screens are needed.

After my first day of class the owner and head trainer asked me if I'd be interested in trying out for a team they are putting together. The team is looking for sponsors and going against other teams around the world (like cf) to compete against eachother for a title. Supposedly this competition will be held in Brazil but the test Id have to do is held in December and I'm not going to be here then. Regardless it was a nice complement to receive, being recognized for my drive and asked to try out. 
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