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My Last Day in Portland

aug 22nd 2015
Well it seems Im back at the adventure of world travel once again! I had my mind set on traviling to Peru in mid September and then continuing on to explore the rest of South America. Then one day another suggestion was made. A friend and I were talking about travel and he said, if I ever wanted to go back to Australia, He might have a connection for me. I was interested in this offer even though I already had my own connections from my previous trip. This friends family is strongly connected with a family near Sydney and they needed some temporary help if I was interested. 

One of my very last days in Pdx out on the river paddle boarding with friends. 

The offer was a paid ticket to Australia (round trip if I had wanted that but that's not really my style, ya know!?) and live with this family, helping around the house and taking care of their 2 little boys. They have help now but she will be on vacation when I'm there. 

It sounded like a big change from being the single person I am to going into full time "house life" but I also wanted to help them and it was a great opportunity to travel back to Australia and see friends. But was I making a mistake by not going to South America? I'm still not sure but at this point it doesn't matter. I'll get there eventually! 

Lots to explore here! 

Because I figured I'd be leaving the country in September. I moved out of a good friends house and in with my very sweet and incredible grandma, in June. 

This women is amazing! She's 92 and you'd never know it! She was voted the citizen of the year in the city she lives in one year and another year was voted senior citizen of the year! She also volunteers for meals on wheels (they feed the elderly who are in need), she attends church almost every Sunday, does yoga and tai chi, attends meetings for the city and the senior center and she's responsible for the garden at the center and watering it every day so that there's fresh produce for the cook at the center to use. Did I mention that she also takes the seniors to their doctor appointments because not all of them can drive there anymore? So she drives them! Yeah she's sharp! And I could go on with the list of other things she does but you get the picture. I'm sure she's reading this and loving it! Right, Tutu (Hawaiian for grandma) Just except it, I love you and can only hope to be the lady you are today! 

The week before I left the country, Tutu and I drove to a permanent campsite I have. I've wanted her to see for several years.

I moved in with her because I wanted to spend more time with her before I left. We both live very busy life styles so I figured this could help me to see her more. We still didn't see each other as much as I would have liked but it was better then nothing and it was nice to help her around the house. 

I finally made the official commitment and bought my ticket! That was like the shake of the hand right there! I won't lie, pushing that purchase button made me a little nervous and there was hesitation, for sure! Like jumping out of an airplane but maybe not as extreme!? I was excited as well. Sometimes I need to get away from my daily routine and actually cut things off and leave town for a bit. Or the country! It's like pushing the re-set button becuse often there's just to much running around in my life. To many jobs, to much of me saying yes to everyone and as a result I'm helping everyone and working for everyone. 

The Australian family is paying me while I'm working so that will essentially pay back my ticket. Because I purchesed it I received the air miles and a better rate for the ticket, using the student universe site. 

You have to be a student or a teacher to use this site and I teach classes at a college in Portland, Oregon so I qualify in that manner. 

Once I start working with the family I'll also have a room and food covered as well.


Departure day (Saturday) arrived way to fast and I still felt like I had a crap ton of stuff to do! I saw Tutu in the morning and spent some good ol' quality time with my pops.
The day was a little bit rushed as I had a plane to catch that night at 7pm but it was still nice to be in the company of my dad. We always have a good time together. 

That day you show up to your parents house and you and your dad are dressed the same! What!?

We went to Saturday market so I could pick up a few shirts from an artist I recently met. My nephew jack and I bought some shirts/ tank tops from her. Check her out! Her name is Jesse Fox and her website is whatifcreationspdx.com

Watching my dad have to get out into the world and fight against crowds and traffic is kind of entertaining and also frustrating at times. It limits what I can ask him to come out and do with me m. He'll say no to most crowded events but it is super funny to watch HIM  people watch in places like good ol' Portland Oregon! Like the person we saw dressed in a furry grey suite with their face painted like a monkey as we walked back to dads truck. 

This person was in full character running down the sidewalk towards Saturday market. When we were finally in the truck and driving past the market to the freeway we saw our monkey playing on the pole, a light post making noises with a hat held out for tips!
Keeping Portland weird! Oh how I love my crazy weird city! 

Inside the NW 23rd location of my favorite scoop shop. 

I always make a point to go to one of the delicious, locally owned Salt and Straw ice cream shops before I leave on a trip and when I return. It has always happened, except this time! Ugh! Dad didn't think we had the time to go there and since he drove me to the airport I had 0 control.

The menu that changes slightly every month. 

And then there's that line but I promise you, it's SO worth the wait! 

He might be fired from airport transportation, especially because when I arrived at the airport I had a lady approach me asking where I was headed. When I said LA and then Australia, her response was, "uh oh! You might want to stand in the special services line because your plane isn't here yet!" 

All I could think of was, Dad! Come back! Let's go get ice cream!!! 
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