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What the Rest of the World Thinks of America

This will be a short post and I believe I've made mention of some or all of this before. I'm bringing it up again because even after returning home and then heading back to Canada I was approached with these questions/statements:

Oh you are American? Is it true all you eat is fast food and deep fried food? 

American eh? You guys sure like your guns! 

There's a lot of GMO foods in America, isn't there? Why don't you guys label that stuff like the rest of the world does? 

Americans are pretty lazy. 

It's pretty disappointing that so many people have this kind of outlook and for some its enough to make them never visit the country. 

This isn't what we are al about but for some reason we broadcast this kind of stuff in our news more then other places in the world. 

Aside from the guns comment and labeling our GMO products, what I've noticed in other countries I've visited is they are no different then us. In fact I see more McDonalds in Australia then I do in the states. For example. 

These ideas other people have shouldn't keep them away from the USA. But if it does, there loss as we have a pretty beautiful country with lots to offer! 

Just my thoughts in a short post. 

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