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The green school of Bali

I realized the other day I never posted anything about my Green school (of Bali) tour. I feel it deserves at least a little overview so here it goes.

It's a beautiful bamboo oasis just outside of UBud in Bali, Indonesia. It's almost entirely made of bamboo, all the buildings, the tables, the cubbies, chicken coops (yep they have a little farm), soccer goals... You name it! 

It was voted the worlds greenest school which had me wanting to visit instantly. Well that paired with knowing of a teacher from Oregon who taught there. So I really went to meet Kris (a friend of my friend Janet) but Kris and I could have met up anywhere in UBud.meeting her at the green school was killing 2 birds with one stone! 

Tanu drove me there, a Baliinease English speaking driver that drives Kris around on occasion. A great guy, good personality and very helpful. We arrived at the school just as it was letting out for the day and I met Kris in the front by the swing set and sports field. She was watching a friend and fellow teachers daughters while she (their mom) was in a meeting. Kriss and I visited for a bit then she told me a little about the school before I went off on a self guided tour while she stayed up front with the girls. 

When I entered the school I walked thru a bamboo (of course) entry way that had a recycling center to my right and an electronic finger scanning system to the left. The finger scan system is for the students to check themselves in and out of school. 

I'm still outside, most the campus is open aired with the only covered areas being the classrooms, (composting) bathrooms and barn. After I pass thru the entry gate and walk a few feet I see a clear view of the sports field to my left with a few pieces of playground equipment along the outside perimeter and the bamboo gym structure just on the other side of the field, from me. To my immediate right and left are 2 whole food organic, everything made on site cafés with amazing food and drinks for sale. Also in the mix is a "front desk" for visitor check in, questions and whatever else. 

When I walked straight past this I came to a large two story, open aired main building that had a library, offices, a foosball table made out of recycled materials and some of the high school class rooms. Walking thru this building and to the other side I came to several gravel walkways trailing off to my right and left, these led down the hill to other classroom buildings, the barn, the chicken coop, the gardens and the super cool bamboo bridge that spans across a rapidly flowing stream. On the other side of the bridge lays the schools rice paddies and more farm land. 

Chicken coop.

Bamboo starter beds. 

The bridge. 

The campus cow. 

This school is clearly self sustained. 
was told its about $10,000 USD a year to send a child there. the majority of students are westerners, surprising but also not. I noticed VERY few Baliinease children, dark completed kids for that matter. The school is apparently trying to get more balinesse kids but I honestly don't know how hard they are trying. I think there's some serious political issues going on with the student population. 

A classy garden shed.

This is the school I was told might be hiring an art teacher next year. Working at this school is just like working at any other school, America or I'm another country, it doesn't matter the politics are always there. I know this of the Green School through 2 reliable sources. It is a beautifully put together school though. I must say! 

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