World Travels by Casey

The first and probably not the last

I'm currently working on a post, to catch myself up but not tonight. 

Indonesia has welcomed me into the work of the backpackers sickness. I'm thankful, it could be much worse then it is. It's probably the price I pay for eating street food that my body isn't used to yet. 

Last night wasn't a pleasent sleep as much of my time was spent in the bathroom. I stayed in bed until as long as I could this morning, I'm better off laying down. And then I had a 2 hour boat ride (this is the blog I'm writing to catch myself up), under the weather. After the boat ride an hour and half shuttle back to UBud and now here I am, lying in bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. 

Sigh... I hope the backpackers sickness doesn't get worse then this. 

Pia took this picture of me on the top deck of the boat today while I was trying to sleep thru the trip. 
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