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Bali Botanica spa day

Alicia and Pia insisted on us enjoying a spa day today. They informed me of this yesterday and I was feeling 50/50 about it. I intend to get plenty of cheap massages in Thailand and maybe even some acupuncture but Bali hasn't been as inexpensive as I thought it'd be. So the thought of a spa day hadn't even crossed my mind. If you want to find good prices you really have to look.

Alicia did the research and found a spa with great reviews from lonely planet. The restaurant we had dinner at tonight was on the same site, Casa Luna (owned by an Australian, of course!) 

After watching an unexpected children's marching band pass by our hotel and our complimentary hotel breakfast this morning. 
The grade school marching band. They were good! 

Pia and I swam several laps in the pool. Then we had a driver pick us up and take us to our relaxing oasis. 
I had decided to join them mostly for Pia's sake. She was really excited about us all doing this together. 

The spa package we bought included a 65 min massage, 45 min body scrub (our choice, I picked green tea) and a 20 min. bath, 1 hour facial, and 1 hour of either a pedicure, manicure, or hair cream bath all for $45
Oh! And it included a driver picking us up and dropping us off at our hotel. Killer deal!

The atmosphere was incredible. Tucked away behind several street side buildings our spa backed up to a small stream with lots of lush tropical plants surrounding it. The service was wonderful. 
From the zen like lobby to the relaxation area. 

The massage wasn't the typical deep tissue/ sports massage that I usually pay for but it was close. 
The hallway downstairs with our rooms. 

It's definitely an affordable day spa and the staff is very attentive to your needs.  
One of the massage rooms.

A very nice view while in the bath with fresh carrot and fennel juice. 

Pedicure and manicure area. 

No electric dryers in this place. 

The body scrubs to choose from. 

Taking a moment to give offerings around the spa. 

More offerings. 

There's a little toad on the right side of the pond rail. 

The red flowers that were in my bath and smell really good! 

The dragon fly that visited me at the end of my spa day. A sign that Shasta is on her way to travel with me! 

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