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Yesterday was a day of reflection and meditation for me. 

It really began after breakfast when I left Alicia and Mitchell to meet up with Shasta. The night before she had asked if I'd go in the ocean with her and get her out past the second surf break. 

So we met half way on the beach yesterday, between her hostel and my campground. We laid in the sun for a bit learning about each other and how much we have in common. The reasons we both decided to travel in this manner and about the toxic people who had been in our life's prior to leaving home. 

The conversations continued in the ocean as the waves pummeled us. I also gave her some pointers on surfing since she's wanting to learn but wasn't exactly ready to start that day. The water was warm and salty and the sun kissed our skin as time crept past us.

I was invited to go to a 5:30pm yoga class at her hostel that evening. She'd been attending for a week or so and was feeling a change not to mention the instructor was incredibly good looking, according to her. She was right. 

We parted ways for a few hours that day. We needed lunch and to relax on our own. I would later meet back at her place for the class.

Later that day as I walked along the surf to Shasta's amazing beach hostel, I instantly started reflecting on my life. It was a peacefully relaxing time alone to begin my meditation and reflect on my life in Oregon. The toxic people in my life, who I am and who I want to be. What I would like to change about myself, the people in my life who inspire me.  
All these things came to mind. 

I arrived at the hostel just in time to sign in at the front desk for the class and walk to the back of the property with Shasta. We entered the Yoga tent. It was beautifully zen like, making me think of a yoga retreat. 

It was a large white tent that one might have set up for an outdoor function. However the inside had tapestries hanging along the walls and draping across the ceiling. There was a palm leaf on the floor in the middle of the room with a fresh flower and a glass lotus candle holder complete with a candle burning inside. 

Russell, the instructor came into the tent as well as one other student making for a very small class. 

This was definitely one of the best yoga classes I've ever taken. The sound of the ocean, birds in the trees above our tent, paired with Russell's instruction was pure therapy for my soul. 

When class was wrapping up Russell closed by telling us to eat healthy, drink lots of fluids and get rid of the toxins. The toxins in our body and the toxic people in our life. To be free from letting them and our possessions hold us back from anything. 

Shasta spoke up sharing with Russell that her and I had been talking about that subject matter earlier that day. 

The 3 of us walked to the front office together while Russell told us a little about himself and where he comes from in life. 

He's from Perth and has traveled a lot in his life. About 2 years ago he had a ticket to visit Hawaii for the first time but he felt a strong calling to India. It was so strong that he gave up the ticket and went to India and studied yoga. When he returned to Australia as a yoga instructor he went back to Perth but didn't feel anything there. He left and was pulled towards Byron Bay, a known place to the aborigines of Australia for healing. He told us there are crystals under the land and mothers would come to this place to heal after just giving birth. The men could stay in the nearby town while the women stayed there. 

He then told us how many people feel a natural pull to Byron Bay because of these crystals and their power to heal. 
Myself, Russell & Shasta 

The evening continued with Shasta and I going back to my campground to eat a light dinner with Alicia and Mitchell before we went to grab a few sushi rolls and a scoop of gelato. 

Mitchell and Alicia met up with us at a pub called the Ginger Pig for live reggae music. There was a live band first which Alicia didn't care for so her and Mitchell left. Then a DJ took over and 2 guys sang over the mixes while Shasta and I danced until 12:30 when the music stopped. The place was packed! 
The live reggae band.

I had a guy from chili tell me how very strong I am. Haha! 
Infact he wouldn't leave my side for about 25min. He was drunk and just kept telling me that I have a very strong back, shoulders, & arms. I finally got him to leave. 
Shasta and myself dancing into the night.

The pub was closing but it had started raining, I mean dumping! Not only that, there was thunder and lightning. We waited with just about everyone else until they kicked us out. Running a few blocks we found a bakery that was open 23 hours and took shelter in there for an hour. 

We talked about meeting up in SE Asia and spending some time traveling by motorcycle together. When the rain turned to a sprinkle we left and made our way home, around 2am thanks to the weather. 

It was overall a great day with a terrific new friend! 
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