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Randomness about New Zealand

Randomness about New Zealand:

As it's our first country out of well... Several more to come, we have found that everything needs to be converted. We didn't think of this until we arrived. 
Cooking cups and teaspoons
pounds (think grocery shopping)

A few common things kiwi's say
"Bits and pieces"
- "oh that's just bits and pieces."
- "cheers" or "cheers mate"
"Cheap as chips"
- "that's cheap as chips!" 
(Think fish & chips, so french fries)
- "the new building downtown is real flash" flash basically means "cool"
"That's peanuts!"
- "oh the ferry only cost you $35? That's peanuts!"

They call high school college 
and their university is what Americans call college.

They listen to popular USA music but mostly classic rock. The R&B music they play here is popular in the US but it's not the new stuff basically because that hasn't been aired here yet. 

I discovered these in Queenstown when I was at the grocery store and an American guy now living in NZ was raving about them. They are delicious! You can eat them on their own or as a "Tim Tim slammer". This is when you bite a corner off of each end of the cookie and then put it into you tae sucking the hot liquid thru it. This process causes the cookie to rapidly melt forcing you to eat it quickly as a warm gooey mess! Yum! The devil of cookies... In my opinion! 
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