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How to hitchhike like a boss

Disclaimer; the following is meant to be read in light humor! 

- Make a good bold sign with the name of the destination and draw a picture on it.

- As we have found, our drivers of long destinations (ie; Nelson to Christchurch) like snacks. Especially trail mix and maybe a salad with chic peas and hard boiled egg for dinner! So maybe add to the sign: "we have trail mix!"
* I don't expect everyone to be as well prepared as we were with salad.

- Plan a spot where a vehicle can easily pull over - give them lots of room, as in a long stretch of pavement. 

- hold the sign, smile and wave! Honestly who waves while hitchhiking!? We do AND it works! People love it! They all (mostly) smile and wave back if they can't pick you up then it just puts people in an all around better mood. 
However, the one not holding the sign should wave AND put a thumb out.

- if you aren't getting picked up right away get comfortable. Start rummaging thru a bag or put your bags down while one of you still holds the sign. People tend to pull over when you aren't exactly ready.

- Never hitch hike alone but sometimes it helps to appear as if you are alone. so one of you, go across the street to ask a neighbor for directions! 

- Don't hitch when there are other hitchhikers within view of you. Drivers who might want to pick you up won't because they'll feel bad about the other hitchhiker they left behind. Unless the other hitchhiker looks Farrell then maybe the driver just won't care. 

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