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Guest post from Alicia.

This post was written by Alicia with a few inputs from Mitchell and I. It was created on the afternoon of our second day with the RV. It's taken me awhile to get her to forward this to me, as we are stuck in a hotel for a day I talked her into passing it along. So without further a due...

How to have a true OZ Road Trip Experience: 

Step 1: Drive through the heart of Sydney in Saturday traffic with a 6 berth vehicle. Extra Points: Use the bus lane and ask people at the crosswalk where the campground is. 

Step 2: Stop for a Mrs. Mac's Beef Chili and Cheese or Steak and Cheese pie at a gas station en route. Be sure to get a few packets of tomato sauce to go with. Extra Points:  Burn the roof of your mouth for being impatient. 

Step 3: Get a flat tire on the highway only a few hours into your trip. Extra Points: Struggle with a jack clearly used for go-carts and wait an hour for a couple of true Aussies training for the iron man to pull over on their bicycles and offer assistance. Wait for support crew of bikers to arrive with a proper jack before continuing on. 

Step 4: Run on fumes 30 minutes from destination in the middle of a rural area just before midnight. Take a 30 minute detour to the nearest village to find petrol. Extra Points: Stop at the police station for assistance as the only shell station in town is closed. 

Step 5: Arrive in the early am after office hours at your reserved camping location. As you don't have a phone, use the pay phone to try and reach the after hours number. Let pay phone eat your money as the person on the other end can't hear a damn thing your saying. Cuss loudly. The night keeper will hear you outside and come to investigate. Crisis averted as he lets you in the locked gate. Extra Points: Back up into your lot and serenade the other residents ('beep' 'beep' 'beep'). 

Step 6: Once situated prepare a meal and have a near heart attack as the glass stove top explodes. Nothing goes better with eggs and bacon than shards of glass. No extra points for being incompetent. 

Optional Step 7: Ditch the RV and stay at a hostel. This camping bullshit is overrated.
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