World Travels by Casey

Money spent so far - 2013/ 4 months out!

Costs before I left home:
Travel Vaccinations (shots & pills from the clinic): $379.95
Prescription pills they sent me home with to take while I'm on the trip: $195
Australian Visa: $20
Scrubbawash (my half - I split the cost w/ Alicia): $32.47
Total: $627.42

Hawaiian to NZ $652.16
Jet Star Queenstown to Auckland 
$80nz /$66.55us
Jet Star Auckland to Melbourne Australia $185.97nz /$154.71us
Melbourne to Sydney $60.24us
Tiger air baggage! $82.50aus/ $74.70us
Cairnes to Bali $344.79aus/ $313.93us
Bali to Phuket, Thailand $207.80
Bangkok, Thailand to PDX $54.10
Total: $1,499.09

Diamond Head Market & Grill: $3.55 US 
Total: $3.55

Wheelin & dealin in New Zealand:
The NZ. dollar is currently about .83 to the US $1
Auckland Transport $20nz /$16.71us
Library Cafe $3.90nz /$3.27us
Countdown grocery $26.55nz /$22.26us
The Hardware Cafe $4nz /$3.35us
SuperValue grocery $10.75nz /$9.01us
Ferry 2 Waiheke $36nz /$30.18us
The Goldie room (wine) $10nz /$8.38us
Bank w/drawl $60nz / $51.64 +
   $5 ATM fee u.s.
Tamaki cultural tour for (2) 
   $164nz /$137.48us
Pak n' Save grocery $25.81nz /$21.67us
Gas money for Adam $30nz / $24.84us
Saturday brunch $8nz/ $6.62us
Movie project tix $20nz/ $16.56us
Dinner (bought din. for our hosts) 
   $19nz/ $15.73us
BQ show tickets $25nz/ $20.70us
New World grocery $18.80nz/ $15.91us
Te Papa cafe $4.90nz/ $4.15us
Leeway hostel $46nz/ $38.93us
Market $3.40nz/ $2.88us
Market eggs $3.69nz/ $3.12
The palace hostel $40nz/ $33.85us
Water taxi $35.53nz/ $30.07us
Able Tasman shuttle $30nz/ $25.36us
Countdown market $20.08nz/ $16.99us
Christchurch bus $10nz/ $8.46us
The drawing room $1.99nz/ $1.68us
Countdown market $22.14nz/ $18.74us
Flying kiwi hostel $30nz/ $25.39us
Capriccio restaurant $17.95nz/ $15.19us
New world market $27.11nz/ $22.94us
Pinewood lodge $30nz/ $25.39us
Pinewood lodge $90nz/ $76.16us
Gondola/ luge $50nz/ $42.31us
Freshchoice market $27.01nz/ $22.86us
The bakery $4.50nz/ $3.81us
Lululemon $49nz/ $41.46us
Fresh choice market $28nz/ $23.69us
Smoothie $6.50nz/ 5.50us
Chico's (dinner out) $33.75nz/ $28.56us
Fergbaker $6.10nz/ $5.16us
Bus tix for 2 $16nz/ $13.54us
Butcher Meat $5nz/ $4.23us
Stamps $3.90nz/ $3.30us
Total: $958.11 
26 days
*averaged $41 a day.

Cash withdrawal: $131aus/ $120.96us
Zoo/sanctuary: $31.49us
Coles market: $28.56aus/ $25.89us
Coles market: $13.28aus/ $12.02us
Bus card: $24aus/ $21.73us
The body shop: $10aus/ $9us
Bus /7-eleven: $15aus/ $13.58us
Bus: $7aus/ $6.34us
USA foods: $5aus/ $4.55us
Ausi big breakky $17.50aus/ $15.84us
Post office $2.60aus/ $2.36us
Yogurtland $13.71aus/ $12.42us
Lone pine sanctuary $24aus/ $21.97us
Lone pine koala hold $16aus/ $14.65us
Woolworth market $14.93aus/ $13.67us
O-Sushi $10.85aus/ $9.88us
Woolworth market $16.29aus/ $14.83us
Woolworth market $35.72aus/ $31.87us
Gas for RV $102.39aus/ $93.23us
Road snacks $5.75aus/ $5.24us
Byron bakery $5.10aus/ $9.20us
Asian food $12.50aus/ $11.47us
Diesel $93.27aus/ $85.60us
Tully pies $13aus/ $12.06us
Diesel+drink $40.65aus/ $37.70us
Diesel $57.69aus/ $53.35us
Great Barrier Reef $179.82us
Total: $870.72
20 days
*averaged $43.50 a day

Indonesia -
ATM cash $1,500,000 R/ $135.72us
Withdrawal fee $5us
Exch. Aust. for $190,000 R/ $16.82us
Fave Hotel $516,000 R/ $45.63us
M Hostel $150,000 R/ $13.27us
Zula $97,750 R/ $8.65us
Zula $95,450 R/ $8.44us
ATM cash $227.74us
Withdrawal fee $5us
Bali Botanica Spa $45.41us
Casa Luna $14.52us
Casa Luna $103,500R/ $9.05us
ATM fee $5us
ATM cash $225.36
Down to earth cafe $6.22
ATM cash $52.20 
ATM fee $5

Gili Trawangan (Gili T.)
Havaianas $250,000 R/ $22.13us
Horizontal Bar $92,000 R/ $8.14us
Total: $920.72
27 days
*averaged $34 a day

$26.77 us
On the mass transit train, taxis & food! 
Total: $26.77 

$14.54 us (exchanged from Singapore)
$110 ATM 
$5 bank fee
$516.39 ATM
$5 bank fee
$25.92 Tiger Kingdom
Total: $676.85
30 days
*averaged $22.56 a day

Money set aside for these:
Dental cleaning, 2 fillings & toothpaste $76.70
* I highly recommend Thai dentist work, it was excellent! 
Private Scuba certification class: $375
Total: $451.70 

104 days of backpacking! 
Grand Total: $3,904.87
Overall average of $37.54 a day in 5 countries 

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