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24 hours in Hawaii

After a whirlwind of a (last) day in Oregon I was finally on a plane and everything was behind me, including that "to do" list that never did get completely checked off but oh well!

I couldn't have asked for a better place to have a lay over on the way to Auckland New Zealand, especially a 24hr layover - Nice! A do able amount of time to see some friends, family and soak up the tropical smells of the island and that warm sunshine! 

This was quite the jump in weather coming from Oregon's 2014 snowstorm right into Hawaii's typical 80 degree days. 

while I waited for my friend Brad to pick me up from the airport I called Tutu (grandma) and had a fun talk with her. I love that cute lil lady (yes you, Tutu) who is full of spunk!

I stayed with Brad at his new condo in Ala Moana tell my flight left the following day. I talked him into going into work late on Wed. so that we could play outside the morning before my flight. 

We hit a great Korean place for dinner (Benni Hanaha style but way better) and then a short walk to the beach and a visit to the Mai Tai bar where the tiredness kicked in for me. We walked back to Brad's and I seriously thought I was going to fall asleep while walking! I probably looked drunk.

Wed. morning Brad and I got up and headed to koko head to "run" stairs but oh my that wasn't a run, more like a quick jog up 1,048 railroad ties to a spectacular view! It took us just under 30min to run up the hillside. 
I looked up the hike after we got back to the car and it is actually said koko head is known to be HARDER then the stair way to heaven climb on Oahu (Yes, Cody Boer harder then stair way to heaven!) 

My calves are still burning 5 days later. Heather Robbins... we need to start climbing these stairs and ditch the WellsFargo tower, this one is WAY better and I'm sure you would agree.

We hit up the Diamond Head grill for coconut and banana pancakes on our way back to Brads. It was delicious and I think I have learned a few tricks to perfecting my own coconut and banana pancakes. 

I attempted to get in touch with my cousin Mea by calling her work but she wasn't there so I left my contact info with her manager to pass on to her. 
I never got a call back from Mea so I'm going to guess she didn't get my contact info before I turned off my cell plan & left the island.

Off to the airport, Auckland bound. 

I met some great people in line at the airport as the Hawaiian airlines lady checking me in tried to tell me that I couldn't get on the plane without a return ticket to the states. I politely told her I just needed a ticket to show her that I was leaving New Zealand, which I had one... to Australia.  The lady started yelling at me! She told me the computer was asking for a ticket to the states. So I tried to keep my cool and continue to be polite telling her my friend had gotten to NZ without a return ticket to the states so I thought this was okay. Finally (without apologizing to me) she accepted my Australian bound ticket and then she asked for my visa. Ugh!
I then had to explain to her that I didn't need a visa to get into NZ and after a little more research on her end she agreed with me and let me move on. I won't lie, I had a moment of, "I'm not leaving the country today." I was all ready to message Alicia, Scott and Tish to tell them I didn't know if I'd be flying in that night.

When I got on the plane I became quick friends with the couple behind me. A Kiwi (from NZ) and a Seattlite (from Seattle). They were great people! I asked how they met since they were now married and with a young boy headed to NZ to visit family before returning back home to Washington.  
She was backpacking thru NZ and had all of her stuff stolen, years ago. She was meeting up with friends from NZ to help her but she only had the contact of this one guy she had never met. So she called him to let him & her friends know she was going to be early to meet them. So he met up with her early and they hit it off. After she told me this story they both chuckled, looked at me and said "so... good luck!"  I found it pretty funny. It was also her birthday, in flight. It was the day we skipped in the air as NZ is a day ahead of the states.
Brad on his way up the Koko head stairs.

The 2 of us at the top!

Another spectacular view.  

For the record... I had a much better blog written for this Hawaii post and I LOST the post! I was typing it late last night and all of a sudden something happened and my story was gone. I almost didn't type what you are reading now. Ugh! Stupid blog!
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