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Preparing to leave the USA

Hello and welcome to my first blog! I never imagined myself ever writing a blog and now... here I am! All grown up & tech savvy! ;)

This Blog is for friends, family & a few people I just met, to follow my upcoming (worldly) adventures!
I'll also be doing my best to include how much I'm spending along the way.
Many of you have asked how much this trip will cost me & I don't know for sure but I'm pretty confident that it's NOT going to cost as much as you would think.
I tend to be pretty frugal and there are only 3 countries on this list that will be $$$. The rest of the places will be inexpensive. From what I understand a lot of the locations we are headed to, you can live off of about $8 a day and that includes food and a place to sleep!

As it stands now the places I plan to visit are:
New Zealand (both islands), Tasmania, Australia, Indonesia (Bali), Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, and Japan

There are some maybes on the list (India, South Korea, Burma...) but as crazy as it sounds, there might not be time for these places if I plan to return home by July.

How did this happen you ask?
One evening while hanging out in PDX at my friends condo, I met a very cheerful and outgoing girl by the name of Alicia. It was late November and as I was getting ready to head home I heard her mention a trip. I asked about it and she named a few places that I had been wanting to visit, she had already booked her ticket but really didn't want to travel alone. So she invited me to join her or just meet her somewhere along the way. I jumped on it and decided to go with her for the whole trip so I bought my ticket just before Christmas! Merry Christmas to ME!! I knew if I didn't buy my ticket I might find some way to talk myself out of going. Now I'm committed!

I fly out of PDX Tue. Feb. 11th with a 24hr lay over in Honolulu and then I'm on my way to Auckland New Zealand, arriving on Thur. Feb. 13th

There are 31 days remaining until I leave the United States!
Be prepared for some funny stories and the miss-haps that are sure to happen along the way. Most importantly though, just sit back and watch the unknown unfold.

XOXO! Casey

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